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City Council News

Tour of Council District 3

City Councilors continued their planned tours of all nine Council Districts with a tour of District 3 in northeast Tulsa on November 10, 2021. Read More

District 6 Virtual Town Hall

Given the current COVID situation, Councilor Connie Dodson's town hall this month features virtual updates on parks and fire safety. Read More

Tour of Council District 1

City Councilors continued their planned tours of all nine Council Districts with a tour of District 1 in northwest Tulsa on October 20, 2021. Read More

Town Hall on Electric Service to be held on Sept. 21

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Tour of Council District 2

Councilor Jeannie Cue led tour, showing off District 2 to her fellow Councilors and the Mayor. Read More

Council Approves Resolution Recommending Face Coverings, Vaccines

The Tulsa City Council voted unanimously to approve a resolution regarding COVID-19 mitigation based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Read More

Election District Commission

Based upon the latest data from the Federal Decennial Census, the Commission is charged with adjusting the boundaries of the City's nine City Council Districts so that they are as nearly equal in population as possible. Read More

New Tulsa Municipal Court Judge Sworn-In

Tulsa’s newest municipal court judge, the honorable Lisa R. Deller, took the oath of office on Friday, June 25, at 2 p.m. in the Division II Municipal Courtroom. Read More

Council Approves FY 2021 –2022 Budget

On June 16, The Tulsa City Council unanimously approved the City of Tulsa Fiscal Year 2021-2022 budget. The total budget for FY22 is $799.4 million, which includes all city funds, operations and capital funding from Improve Our Tulsa and Vision Tulsa. Read More

Council to Host Virtual Learning Sessions on the Tulsa Race Massacre

The sessions will be based on the 2001 State Commission report on the massacre and will be facilitated by University of Tulsa professor Dr. Alicia Odewale. Read More

City Councilors Support Sexual Assault Awareness Month

City Councilors wore jeans on April 28 in support of Denim Day, a campaign in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Read More

Animal Ordinance Updates

The process to update the City of Tulsa's Animal Ordinance began about two years ago. The City Council plans to approve changes to the ordinance in stages Read More

Homeless Outreach Workers Recognition

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Five Proposed Charter Amendments Approved by Voters on August 25

On May 20, the Mayor and Tulsa City Council unanimously approved sending five proposed amendments to the City Charter to the public for a vote. The proposed amendments were approved by voters on August 25. Read More

Council Passes Short-Term Rental Ordinance

The Tulsa City Council passed an ordinance at its March 11 meeting requiring short-term rental operators to obtain a license from the City of Tulsa. Read More

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