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City Councilors

To find your City Councilor, use the district finder.

All City Councilors have offices on the 4th floor of the One Technology Center. City Councilors are assisted in their duties by Council Staff members and by various citizens' committees. Office hours for the Council are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

All Council Staff members and City Councilors have email and voice mail. Evening and weekend callers are encouraged to leave a message containing their full name, phone number, and a brief message, or simply email your Councilor.


District 1

Council Vice-Chair

Councilor Vanessa Hall-Harper

Read more about Councilor Hall-Harper here

Contact Information:

Phone: 918-596-1921

FAX: 918-596-1964

Email: Dist1@tulsacouncil.org


District 2

Councilor Jeannie Cue

Read more about Councilor Cue here

Contact Information:

Phone: 918-596-1922

FAX: 918-596-1964

Email: Dist2@tulsacouncil.org


District 3

Councilor Crista Patrick

Read more about Councilor Patrick here

Contact Information:

Phone: 918-596-1923

FAX: 918-596-1964

Email: Dist3@tulsacouncil.org

District 4

Councilor Kara Joy McKee

Read more about Councilor McKee here

Contact Information:

Phone: 918-596-1924

FAX: 918-596-1964

Email: Dist4@tulsacouncil.org

District 5

Councilor Cass Fahler

Read more about Councilor Fahler here

Contact Information:

Phone: 918-596-1925

FAX: 918-596-1964

Email: Dist5@tulsacouncil.org


District 6

Councilor Connie Dodson

Read more about Councilor Dodson here

Contact Information:

Phone: 918-596-1926

FAX: 918-596-1964

Email: Dist6@tulsacouncil.org

District 7

Councilor Lori Decter Wright

Read more about Councilor Decter Wright here

Contact Information:

Phone: 918-596-1927

FAX: 918-596-1964

Email: Dist7@tulsacouncil.org

District 8

Councilor Phil Lakin, Jr.

Read more about Councilor Lakin here

Contact Information:

Phone: 918-596-1928

FAX: 918-596-1964

Email: Dist8@tulsacouncil.org

District 9

Council Chair

Councilor Ben Kimbro

Read more about Councilor Kimbro here

Contact Information:

Phone: 918-596-1929

FAX: 918-596-1964

Email: Dist9@tulsacouncil.org