Council Approves Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Budget


The Tulsa City Council unanimously approved the City of Tulsa fiscal year 2016-2017 budget Thursday with substantial modifications.

"I am so excited that the Councilors and the Mayor were able to work together to make this budget process successful," said Council Chair Jeannie Cue. "With concerns about cutbacks, we were able to restore critical 911 operators while supporting economic development activity for our city."

The Council modified the Mayor's proposed budget to avoid cutting fourteen 911 call-taker positions. Councilors emphasized the importance of fulfilling commitments made during the Vision Tulsa campaign to add new capacity to our critical 911 operations.

"We made these important changes without tapping into our emergency funds, and while maintaining a very conservative approach to revenue projections and expenditures," said Council Vice-Chair Anna America.

The Council also added funding to the Mayor's proposed budget to restore staff to process building permits and licensing. This helps keep economic activity in our community moving efficiently. In the legal department, the Council added capacity to manage complex real estate transactions, to also boost economic development activity, and restored funding for a police advisor to provide training, advice and support.

The Council restored funding for the City's Main Street programs in the Kendall-Whittier neighborhood and Route 66 Redfork area. Additionally, the Council funded two staff positions at Chamberlain Park Recreation Center.

The Council also held more than $3 million of the fund balance in reserve to address potential revenue declines in the next fiscal year.

If revenues perform better than expected, the Council has identified top priorities for quarterly review. These include: restoring code enforcement capacity and mowing cycles, providing a stipend for non-sworn employees and acquiring infrared devices for firefighters.

More Information About Vision Tulsa


Voters approved all three Vision Tulsa propositions on April 5.

View the full summary of the Vision Tulsa program here

For more information, visit:

Watch full meetings of the Vision/Economic Deveploment Task Force, River Infrastructure Task Force and Public Safety Task Force here:

Read the report from the University of Cincinnati Institute of Crime Science, regarding the Crime and Staffing Analysis for the Tulsa Police Department presented at the Public Safety Task Force on Oct. 6 here

Watch a video summarizing how the river development process is taking shape here


Quality of Life Report



The Quality of Life Report is an objective analysis of our community, compared to 20 peer cities.

The report includes data on demographic trends, economic vitality, public safety, neighborhood vitality, human investment, citizen engagement, transportation, the environment, and recreation and culture.

  • Read the full Quality of Life Report    here
  • Read the summary here
  • Watch the video presentation here

Council Approves Vision Tulsa Program


City Councilors unanimously approved a final version of the Vision sales tax program to appear on the April 5th ballot.

The program includes three components, which will appear on the ballot as separate items: a permanent sales tax for public safety, a permanent sales tax for transportation and streets, and a 15-year sales tax for economic development. This program will not increase the current overall tax rate of 8.517 percent in the city of Tulsa.

"We've worked relentlessly for more than two years to get this right," Council Chair Jeannie Cue said.

"No single person got everything they wanted, but together, we developed a program that all ten of us, our constituents and the city can be proud of," Cue said.

The Vision development process was unprecedented in its public engagement and transparency, which included five citizen-led and three Council-led task forces, more than 100 televised public fact-finding meetings and nearly 30 town hall meetings across the city. If approved, this sales tax program will be overseen by the Citizen Sales Tax Overview Committee.

Read more here

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