Expungement Fair


Councilor Vanessa Hall Harper's next Criminal Record Expungement Fair is scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 2, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. This event is extremely popular; pre-registration is available here:

Justice-involved people often face barriers that make re-integration into communities extremely difficult. Oklahoma leads the nation in incarceration rates for both men and women; 1,300 out of every 100,000 adults is incarcerated.

"Having a criminal record can prohibit a citizen from obtaining student loans, grants, mortgages, voting privileges, admission to the Armed Services, housing and an order to adopt a child," Councilor Hall-Harper said. "When ex-offenders and those with a criminal history have their criminal records expunged, they become employable with an opportunity to earn a livable wage that is self-sustainable and impacts communities in a positive way economically."


Your Community Needs You!


Want to get involved and help better your neighborhood? The City of Tulsa has many resources that can help. Check out the map of registered Neighborhood Associations to see if your neighborhood is registered. Apartment Associations can also register with us. If you would like the form mailed to you, call our Neighborhood Liaisons at (918) 596-1292. If your neighborhood is not represented, consider taking the initiative yourself.

Benefits of being a registered association:

Plan a "Block Party" - Getting to know your neighbors not only increases your circle of friends but also increases the safety of your neighborhood. The City encourages associations to organize a Block Party and let us know! Block Party Registration

Volunteer - Serve your community by volunteering for a neighborhood cleanup or as a reading partner in your local school. Visit for more information.

Alert Neighbors - To learn more about the Alert Neighbors Program or to start one in your area, contact the Crime Prevention Network.

Code Violations - Need to report a code violation? Visit Neighborhood Investigations Online.

Social Services - If you are in need of resources or social services for yourself or someone that you know, and the City of Tulsa cannot provide those for you, please contact the 2-1-1 Tulsa Helpline at 2-1-1 or (918) 836-4357.

Mayor's Presentation to the Council - Sept. 25

Summary of five items Mayor G.T. Bynum presented to the City Council on Sept. 25 that focus on community policing and community outreach:

  1. Contract with an outside entity that specializes in participatory research to evaluate Tulsa's community policing program and coordinate with local stakeholders in the development of the City of Tulsa's next phase of community policing activity. View the 77 recommendations from the Tulsa Commission on Community Policing here.

  2. A comprehensive Tulsa Police Department (TPD) Annual Report will be submitted to the Mayor and City Council. The Report will capture and make public the information that would have been reported by the Office of the Independent Monitor (OIM), including clear and consistent use-of-force data and demographics, as well as trends, case studies, policy changes and notable officer successes. The goal of the annual report is to empower the Mayor and Council more effectively in their oversight responsibilities and to be more transparent and accessible to citizens.

  3. Formalize the organization, responsibilities, appointment process and meeting schedule for the TPD Citizen Advisory Board and Citizen Action Groups. The current makeup of these groups and more information is available here.

  4. Follow through on recommendations related to use of force from the comprehensive study, A Multi-Method Investigation of Officer Decision-Making and Force Used or Avoided in Arrest Situations. Watch the presentation of the study here.

  5. Following success with the community resource officer stationed in the 61st and Peoria area, the Mayor has proposed hiring community resource officers for the Gilcrease and Mingo Valley Divisions (the 61st and Peoria area falls within the Riverside Division). Continue the commitment to data-driven decision making by focusing these officers' work in areas where citizen trust of police is the lowest based on Gallup CitiVoice Index data. View the index here.

Watch the Mayor's full presentation to the City Council online. The presentation begins at the 48:15 mark here.



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